Preparatory training of higher education for foreign speakers (VTHO)

The Preparatory Training of Higher Education for Speakers of Other Languages (VTHO) is a trajectory for Speakers of Other Languages who would like to follow a Dutch programme at a university (college) in Flanders or Brussels. If you would like to follow this trajectory, it is important that you meet these conditions: 

For whom?

You are at least 18 years old.

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You migrated recently to Flanders. 
  • You are motivated to continue with a study programme (in Dutch) at a university or a university college.
  • At the start of the programme you have achieved at least the Dutch language level B1 (UCT Gent level 3).
  • You have obtained at least a secondary school certificate in your home country or in Belgium (OKAN-school or TKO). 
  • You pass the selection procedure.


A one year full-time programme:

  • Dutch as a second language and language coaching
  • Training of study skills
  • Study guidance and counseling
  • Optional modules (academic English, mathematics, chemistry, fysics)
  • Optional: a selection of regular courses at a university or university college


The programme starts at the end of September and lasts until the end of June. 

More information

Are you interested in the preparatory higher education programme? You need to register for an information session and to pass a selection procedure.


Lisa Van Elsen (, +32 485 64 52 92) or have a look at the VTHO page (in Dutch) for more information about this trajectory.