Preparing for an English Test


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You have a thorough knowledge of English (Level B1 of the Common European Framework). This means that you master basic English grammar and you have a rather elaborate vocabulary. To test your starting level, you are required to take a placement test.


The course prepares you for taking an English language test such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge and the UCT language test for foreign students studying at UGent.


To prepare for an English language test you are trained in skills that will increase your test results. Classes start from example questions from the various tests, for instance integrated assignments such as speaking or writing on the basis of audio input or comparing a spoken and a written text. For the listening and reading excerpts, not only content is focused on, but attention is also paid to understanding the goal and the position of the speaker or author (degrees of certainty, context). The course provides advice on how to efficiently solve writing assignments (such as adding structure, comparing various types of texts, formulating an opinion and supporting your opinion with examples). You are expected to work on improving your grammar skills and vocabulary through selfstudy which is linked to relevant items for the tests.

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Course book: 
UCT course book. You will receive this book from your language teacher in class.
Recommended books: 
- Eastwood J. (2006): Oxford Practice Grammar Intermediate With Key and CD-ROM Pack, Oxford: OUP
- The New Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Cambridge: Cambridge UP


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1st sem.
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1 x 2,5
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Please find in the table below the course fee which corresponds to your status.

Price code UGent students (1) Ghent University incoming exchange students (4) Ghent University departing exchange students (5) Staff UGent (2) Others
I 170 170 30 (3) 280 325