Cours de communication en français (day)


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Content information

Starting level: 
  • You studied French in secondary school, as a second or third language.
    • You can speak fluently, but you would like to extend your vocabulary and you would also like to revise a number of difficult, but important grammatical items (l'emploi des modes et des temps, les pronoms personnels ...).
    • When native speakers talk to you, you understand them, although you sometimes have problems when they speak (too) fast.
  • You do not often have the opportunity to get in touch with the French language, but you do need a good command of the language (work, studies, …).
  • self-assessment

see "Content"

  • Speaking skills: the major objective of this course is communication. You overcome your fear of speaking in French and you learn to talk more correctly and more fluently.
  • Specific grammatical items: le subjonctif et le conditionnel, les pronoms personnels, les phrases introduites par si ...
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Self test

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This course is also available as an intensive evening course during the academic year.

Course book: 
UCT course book. You will receive this book from your language teacher in class.
Recommended books: 
- Bescherelle (2006): La conjugaison pour tous, Paris: Hatier
- De Spiegeleer J. e.a (2007):.Grammaire 2000, Deurne: Wolters Plantyn
- Van Dale Pocketwoordenboek Frans-Nederlands – Utrecht: Van Dale
- Van Dale Pocketwoordenboek Nederlands-Frans – Utrecht: Van Dale



Attention! This is not the course code. You will find the latter in the schedule near the top of this page.

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5 x 3
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Price code UGent students (1) Ghent University incoming exchange students (4) Ghent University departing exchange students (5) Staff UGent (2) Others
C 180 180 30 (3) 260 350