Business English: Report writing


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You write and speak English fluently. Before registering for this course, you should take an online self-assessment test which will determine your correct level of English. This will enable you to register for the business module that suits your level best: ‘English@Work’ or ‘Business English’.

To have a full and accurate idea of your level, the first class defines this definitely by means of an oral orientation test which may still refer you to another level.


This course improves your language level and teaches you to communicate correctly in a company environment. More specifically, you will learn how to write clear, concise reports.


You will learn how to write concisely, while keeping your message clear and complete. You will learn how to structure texts in order to enhance readability and effectiveness.

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Self test

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Presently there are no special announcements regarding this course.

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UCT course book. You will receive this book from your language teacher in class.
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Business English


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2nd sem.
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1 x 2
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J 46 46 40 70 80